STUDIO Dance Lessons with Liquid Rhythm are BACK!

We will be following strict COVID-19 state and government safety guidelines to ensure we have a safe dancing/learning environment for everyone. All classes NOW have a 50% capacity limit which requires ALL STUDENTS to REGISTER online before attending studio classes. All vaccinated students are not required to wear masks. All unvaccinated students must continue to wear masks.

Come learn Salsa with New Orleans’ Best Salsa dance company! We’ve been spreading our passion for this art form since 2001…simply because we love it!

All Liquid Rhythm Inc. dance lessons are held at Crescent Lotus Dance Studio. 3143 Calhoun, NOLA
All PRIVATES by Appointment ONLY!

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saLsa one  FUNdamentals (Beginner Lvl. 1 Salsa) — Tuesdays @7pm

New Session begins August 3rd-24th – *Sign Up NOW! Limited spots available. Once filled, Aug.(8/31-9/21) will be the next available.

If you’re just getting your feet wet, this class is for you! We teach Basic fundamentals of Salsa dancing focusing on Footwork, Posture, Timing, Balance and Body Control with a gradual progression of technique training and drills to give every aspiring dancer a firm foundation.  We’ve developed an easy way to transition dancers from that “awkward beginner” to a confident and amazing Salsero or Salsera! Each class offers an ample supply of movement breakdown, combos and practice to challenge every student. At the end of each 4 week session, students will have the oppurtunity to continue to the next Level of our saLsa one training program.

*Due to covid restrictions, we’ve limited class sizes, so multiple sessions of saLsa one classes may be available. If you would like to train with us, you must register for each session prior to attending.  It’s first come first served basis and students are accepted before sessions begin.

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saLsa one  FUNdamentals (Beginner Lvl. 2 Salsa) — Tuesdays @8pm

New Session begins August 3rd-24th – *Register Today

This Session is the next step to becoming a complete salsero/salsera. It focuses on Basic Partnering techniques for dancing Salsa. We break down everything you need to know regarding Postures, Holds and Basic Lvl. turn patterns.

*Students are REQUIRED to take saLsa one FUNdamentals (Beginner Lvl. 1) before registering for this class.

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FUNky Cha Cha Cha — Sundays @7pm

New Session Begins August 8th-29th – Sign Up Today.

This session is designed to give students a leg up on dancing traditional Cha Cha Cha. We start with the basic footwork and transition through a large vocabulary of steps and combos that borrow movements from classic Cha Cha Cha to the most infused forms of the dance which may have elements of modern/contemporary, hip-hop, jazz, Afro-Latin, and more. Students will learn timing, postures, balance, body control and history in this 4 week session.

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LRI is so excited to get back in the studio to teach and interact with our students.

*You can also take saLsa one Sessions online! Same great instruction, just in a virtual atmosphere!

We’re doing all we can to bring you the best quality dance instruction in person or on the web.

Stay Safe..